Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Zoom Kolasib (Photographic Association of Kolasib District, Mizoram) and Infinity (Photographers of Silchar, Assam) has  Arranged their first meeting on 7,8.Feb.2014. We had a wonderful time together, chatting together, eating together and shot together. We visited Barak River, the Slum area, Train Station and many attractive places. We, both team hope to get more good relation and integration. The pictures below are some of my shot during this meeting. Please enjoy and do leave me a comment.

Picture 1: Rock of Ages (River Barak, Silchar Assam)

Picture 2: Sunrise at Silchar

Picture 3: Flow River Flow! Sets our Heart on Free! (River Barak)

Picture 4: An Early Bird catches his Prey.

Picture 5: Little drop of Sand makes a mighty land (Barak )

Picture 6: Lean on Me: (Pattern floor at Silchar Train Station)

 Picture 7: Its a Breakfast time

Picture 8: Zoomers return with much blessings

Picture 9: Sunrise

Picture 10:Meet me in a Ferry

Picture 11: Who will be the Fisher of Man?

Picture 12: Old is Gold, but Gold is new!